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Visiting Pamukkale – Turkey’s Cotton Palace

November 2, 2015

One of my favorite places to visit in Turkey was UNESCO Heritage site Pamukkale (translates to “Cotton Palace”).   It may look like we are somewhere cold and snowy, but this white wonderland is actually made of mineral formations and travertine terraces.  It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in Turkey not only for the unique landscape but also because its the site of some amazing Greek-Roman ruins (Hierapolis).

It’s obligatory to take off your shoes to enter the site so everyone is barefoot on the climb up.  It really adds to the experience because you can bury your toes into the mud lining the bottom of the tepid springs.  It’s also pretty slippery in some areas – I probably witnessed half a dozen people take a tumble on the way to the top.  But man – this place is one of a kind. 



It was packed in the afternoon.  This is where I saw half a dozen people fall…


At the top, you will find the ruins of Greek-Roman City, Hierapolis.  Turkish people seem to love taking wedding photos in National Parks and famous locations like Capaddocia and Ephesus, so it was no surprise to see some newlyweds riding through the ruins.


Chilling in the amazing theatre of Hierapolis…

IMG_7283IMG_7264 IMG_4076

The natural hot springs have ruins inside the water.


And a perfect sunset over Pamukkale to end the day …


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